The research and development activity in unit is a reflection of our company's commitment to the , consumer's taste. Special focus is towards developing ingredients used in blending suitable to drinker in respect to the quality and hygienic point of view. We have eliminated the impurities of spirit, which are even in traces, required for blending.

Achievements of our R & D center

  • Our quality products have mellow taste exceptionally smooth with a delighted aroma rounded whisky flavor.
  • There is no alcohol consuming odor from mouth after drinking.
  • No vomiting sensation after having ev en in excess.
  • There is not thirsty feeling or dryness in the mouth and throat after consuming alcohol.
  • There is no hangover after consumption of alcohol even in excess.
  • Effect of alcohol is very slow, reaches the optimum level and gives extreme enjoyment and relaxation.
With our research and development center, we have left no stone unturned in our pursuit of setting greater standards in terms of consistent quality and hygiene in our process.
Sumy Distillery employs most advanced equipment's and techniques in its Quality control Laboratories. our labels are manned by highly qualified Chemists and Lab Technicians. We adopt multi-pronged approach towards Quality Control. All reports from the Labs are scrutinized by high level officials from the company's management. Our quality Control Laboratory is one of our most vibrant aspects of our organization. They are our sensory organs.